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Brisbane Park Infant School


KidSafe UK Children's Mental Health & Safeguarding, founded in 2001 by Val Webb and Jude Walker provides school's with in-depth training materials enabling trained members of staff to deliver KidSafe UK programmes to pupils from Early Years Foundation Stage through to High School.

KidSafe is age appropriate education to prevent manifestation of poor mental health for children without shattering their innocence. The KidSafe programme deals with building children’s confidence, self esteem and equips children with effective skills to deal with unsafe situations. KidSafe enables children to value themselves and others and helps children to make wise and healthy choices/decisions in their lives. KidSafe teaches children to recognise and/or prevent abuse i.e; what is appropriate and what is not appropriate, this is done in a fun non-scary way through a variety of media including the use of a puppet, games, singing and worksheets. 
The term ‘Yukky feelings’ is used to help children understand that if they are feeling sad, scared or worried about something they can talk to a trusted adult, who can help them with those feelings.

Topics covered during the course include:

Raising self confidence, feelings – talking about our feelings, bullying, respecting our bodies, inappropriate touching, secrets, communication skills, assertion – saying NO and computer and intenet safety

Our Tutors at Brisbane Park are Mrs Daly and Mrs Mackenzie. We aim to protect, educate and empower children. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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