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Believe in Yourself


2nd sept- getting to know each other

3rd sept- practising to listen to each other

8th sept- practicing number formation on our new board

10th sept

14th sept- using a 10 frame to explore counting and number bonds

15th Sept- identifying the countries, flags and capital cities of the UK

16th sept- material hunt around the neighbourhood with the Tawny Owls

17th sept- counting different things including time. Running jumping and hopping against the clock

20th sept - generating numbers with dice

21st sept- outdoor rugby fun with Barrow Raiders

21st sept- what makes a good friend

23rd sept- exploring properties of materials with the Tawnys

24th sept- identifying the seas and oceans around the UK

24th sept- sequencing The Great Fire of London

28th sept- Great Fire of London silhouette pictures with the Tawnys

28th sept- indoor fun with Barrow Raiders

4th October- using construction to make Tudor houses

5th Oct stain glass windows for RE