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May 18th - Finding the perfect water to sand ratio for making the perfect sandcastle - (Answer - 1 part water to 8 parts sand) We used teaspoons and found that 6 teaspoons of water to 48 teaspoons of sand was perfect. It took between 40 and 51 teaspoons of water for the sandcastle to lose its integrity!

May 18th - Halving numbers

May 13th - We really enjoyed making up actions and performing the poem Stroke the Cat by Wes Magee

Still image for this video

April 30th - As part of our seaside topic we made puppets and performed poetry based on the book Topsy Turvy Ocean by Wes Magee

April 21st and 28th - Craft Club - We used STEM activities from BAE systems to create houses that would withstand the puff of the Big Bad Wolf.

March 24th - Everyday materials - What material will save Dolly the Duck from getting wet?

March 23rd - Stranger Danger with PCSO Sam Thomas

March 19th - Red Nose Day fun!

March 18th - It's almost time for the National Census 2021 so we celebrated by having a Counting Day! With the help of the Tawny Owls we counted traffic, park equipment, nature in the wildlife garden and then sorted ourselves into hair colour and eye colour human graphs

March 15th - Everyday materials - Arrgghh! Help! Our friends have been trapped in ice, any ideas how we can rescue them?

March 2021 - Measuring length in non standard measures - did we measure fairly?

February 2021 - Lockdown fun in school, counting in 10's and getting ready for our friends to return :)

Remembrance Day 11th November

Bug Soup Fun, 22nd October

As part of a homework challenge these Elf owls made fabulous pictures using Autumn leaves🤩

What a fun start to our Halloween celebrations👻🎃

Meet Mr Pumpkinhead, Elf and Tawny owls' scarecrow.

Elf and Tawny owls enjoyed pumpkin carving together

We enjoyed creating a Talk for Writing story map in preparation for a retell of Claude in the City by Alex. T. Smith

Elf and Tawny owls are enjoying their new playground equipment. The performance corner is proving to be a big hit! 😄

Practising letter join letters and number sentences

Exploring 2D and 3D shape

Exploring the whole part model in mathematics

We have really enjoyed making our very own rainforest habitat in science and topic lessons

Learning about rainforests is fun! We used atlases to help us find where they are in the world.

We explored Papagayo by Gerald McDermott as part of our rainforest topic. Do you like our moon dog?

Elf and Tawny bubble enjoy some friendship games in our bubble

We're all having some phonics fun. Can you try some at home?

We enjoyed a socially distanced Star of the Week assembly in our classroom for the first time 😀

Our first 3 days back and we built our friendships by using teamwork to create a paper chain rainbow