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21st March- Using our weighing skills for an classroom investigation

18th March- Red Nose Day

16th March - Exploring mass using multilink and balance scales

3rd March - World Book Day fun 😀

9th February - We enjoyed exploring place value in different ways 😀

27th January - Elf and Tawny owls had another exciting science lesson! We planted gladioli bulbs ready for flowering in Summer and then broad beans in plastic bags to watch the germination process

26th January - We practised our handwriting on a large scale to get ready for work in our books

25th January - Elf and Tawny owls researched Arctic and Antarctic animals using different information sources

25th January - We used Part-Whole and bar models to expand our addition and subtraction knowledge

13th January - Elf and Tawny owls explored the difference between seeds and bulbs in several different ways.

11th January - We worked as teams to create questions for the penguin that got lost in our classroom

6th January - Elf and Tawny owls learnt about parts of a plant in different ways. What a fun Science lesson!

7th December - Elf and Tawny owls collaborated to create the adventures of Paddington Bear in pictures

3rd December - National Elf Day fun

26th November - Experiencing Christmas traditions from around the world by decorating our tree and singing around it.

25th Nov - We enjoyed learning about materials and how they change by conducting 3 fun experiments. 1.What does hot water do to skittles? 2.How can we 'absorb' a rainbow ? 3.How can we make our own slime? Ask your children for the results 😊

23rd Nov - We sorted 2D and 3D shapes, used them to create repeating patterns and make shape pictures

19th Nov - Children in Need