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Reading at Brisbane Park Infant School


Reading at Brisbane Park is a high priority (Ofsted, Dec 2018)

We believe in developing a love of reading through a variety of ways.  



At Brisbane Park Infant School we believe that reading is a valuable and rewarding experience, mastering this skill will enable children to access the whole curriculum with enjoyment.

We believe the following are fundamental in developing children’s love and ability to read for pleasure.


  • To develop a love of reading
  • To develop an enjoyment of reading a variety of genres
  • To read from a variety of different sources
  • To encourage reading at home with family members
  • To monitor and assess reading development
  • To foster a love of reading across the school, to develop independent reading skills in each child with an increasing understanding of what they are reading


  • To provide a variety of experiences for children to develop in this area such as library visits to the library, librarians visiting our school, author visits, reading events in school, weekly reading sessions to encourage family members to come and read with their children
  • To teach reading across the curriculum
  • To ensure reading for pleasure is embedded in each classroom
  • To provide a stimulating reading area in each classroom


  • Children will become passionate about reading, enjoy reading for pleasure and develop lifelong skills which will help them in all areas.
  • End of year assessments will demonstrate a good progression and understanding within reading
  • Children will become fluent readers

All staff will act as positive role models for children by sharing their pleasure for stories and different texts across the many areas of the curriculum.

Our Phonics scheme ensures we teach children the early skills in a systematic way which develops their early reading and writing skills.  We follow the Letters and Sounds Scheme for Phonics and Jolly Phonics is taught in Reception. Teachers adapt their phonics teaching to meet the needs of their classes.

Reading will be part of the wider curriculum with teachers choosing quality texts both fiction and non fiction to enhance and develop the topics they are covering.

We teach Power of Reading each week, this gives the children the opportunity to explore many books by the same author as we have an author focus each half term, through these sessions children can explore the texts and develop their enjoyment for different story types.

Our school library is well resourced and appealing to children, each class has a weekly allocated time slot to use the library.


Our reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree, we use a variety of different texts from this reading scheme to allow children to practice their phonics and early reading skills.