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Star of the Week

Barn Owls visited the Zoo with our friends from Year 2 where we were able to see lots of different animals and find out various facts about them along with some children feeding the monkeys!

Easter Fun! We decorated eggs, had a visit from the Easter bunny and made lots of Easter crafts!

Dock Museum- We took a trip to the Dock Museum to learn about the history of Barrow as part of our topic!

Red Nose Day 2022! Barn Owls dressed up for Red Nose Day and took part in various activities

World Book Day 2022!

Visit from BAE Systems and Mr Zaccarini

Friday 25th February 


Barn Owls were lucky enough to have a special visitor to visit Year 2 today, teaching us all about submarines and Barrow shipyard as part of our topic this term! Mr Zaccarini who has worked at BAE systems for many years and been in charge of building submarines taught us about the history of submarine building in our town and some interesting facts about submarines. We also had the opportunity to dress up in PPE and learn the importance of how to be safe when onboard a submarine. We had lots of fun and finished the session designing our own submarine!

Star Of the Week

Star of the week

Our first karate session within PE- we learnt the importance of having control when punching and had lots of fun!

Star of the week - spring term

Pupil of the term

Star of the Week

National Elf Day- Friday 3rd December

Children in Need 2021!

Stars of the week

Stars of the week

Barn Owls


Welcome to Barn Owl class, the class teacher is Miss Zaccarini and the Senior Teaching Assistant in the class is Mrs Mackenzie who also works with Eagle Owls.

Star of the week

Stars of the Week

Tudor house planning

PE: Barrow Raiders

RE: St James' Church visit