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Brisbane Park Infant School

Winter Weather Conditions​​​​​​​

It is impossible to say what the weather may bring but we need to be prepared!

If it does snow, school will always try to stay open and both Brisbane Park Infants and St James’ liaise together over the weather conditions and most importantly the safety of the children and staff.

During snowy weather, when school is open, we usually close the playground and everyone enters and exits by the front door. This is a much safer way and avoids accidents. So the playground gates may be locked but school is open.

 If the weather conditions are extreme and we have to close the school this news will be immediately put on:

School messaging service (Text)

Radio Cumbria 95.6FM / 96.1FM

Bay Radio 96.9 / 102.3 103.2FM

 and if possible on the school website 

Children should not arrive at school too early during bad weather, 8.50 am is early enough.