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Brisbane Park Infant School

Uniform Information

How should my child dress for school?



Red Jumper

White polo shirt

Grey Trousers

Black school shoes

Red Jumper/cardigan

White polo shirt

Grey Trousers/skirt/pinafore

Black school shoes

Summer uniform

Grey shorts

Grey shorts

Red and white checked dress

PE kit

Children wear red t-shirts, blue shorts and red hoodie or zip up (with school logo). It is essential to have black plimsolls. If it is cold children can wear black leggings or black joggers.

Items of school uniform with the school logo can be purchased from Identity, Unit 2 Business Park, Peter Green Way, Barrow.  It is optional for items to display the school logo. However we do ask that names are written in every item of clothing, including shoes and coats, as things do get misplaced.